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1 Single Contract

Thousands of recruitment agencies exist in France, and their terms for working and collaborating all vary from one agency to another. Fees, guarantee periods, due dates and contractual agreements for payments...By standardizing all of this for collaboration between agencies and companies, Jobtruster enables you to greatly simplify interacting and working with these agencies during your recruiting process. This way you save massive amounts of time that you can then invest where it's needed the most: In your search of the best candidate.

Main advantages of having a single unique contract with Jobtruster:

  • Depending on your needs and wishes you can standardize contracts with agencies
  • Reduce the time spent on negotiations with various agencies about contractual details.
  • Lancer instantan√©ment plusieurs cabinets de recrutement en comp√©tition sur chaque mission

1 Personal Point of Contact

Thanks to having access to a personal point of contact at Jobtruster, you save negotiating via telephone and email with different agencies and consultants at different times with different conditions. With Jobtruster everything operates on one centralized platform and with your personal contact.

The main advantages of having a single point of contact at Jobtruster:

  • 1 unique contract to hire multiple agencies
  • 1 dedicated point of contact to organize interviews with multiple candidates from various agencies
  • 1 central location for all application responses

1 Centralized Portal

Since all communications between you and your hired agencies flow through Jobtruster, you're able to manage these in a simple and efficient manner, and also receive an excellent overview of all your billing and payment procedures.

Main advantages of the centralized platform at Jobtruster:

  • Manage all your recruitment agencies on one platform: Jobtruster
  • Centralize your recruitment process. All communications and interactions in one convenient and accessible place.
  • Jobtruster is your unique point of contact for all things concerning the payment, no matter which agency the candidate came from.