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Do you have one-time recruitment searches?

The SUCCESS plan enables companies to easily recruit candidates without signing up for a subscription. Simply pick a few agencies to work for you and receive a shortlist of the best candidates.

100% Agencies operating on success fees
All agencies listed on Jobtruster work solely based on success fees. You'll never pay a deposit or pre-service fee. You only pay once, and only when you've actually hired a candidate.

You set the recruitment fees
Control your recruiting costs by setting up a maximum budget. Interested agencies will propose their collaboration. They then apply with their propositions for fees and guarantee periods. These fees must be less than or equal to the maximum budget you set at the beginning. If not, these agencies won't be considered and shown to you for collaboration.

Agencies in comparison
With Jobtruster, you gain access to a large organized network of certified agencies sorted according to your skill set.

Warranty Period
When a search firm offers its collaboration , it indicates a warranty period so that if the candidate you recruit is not adequate in this time frame, the search firm is required to introduce replacements without additional fees

How much is it?
Access to the SUCCESS offer at Jobtruster costs 300€ excl. VAT per mission start.


Do you recruit more than once a month?

The PREMIUM offer is mainly for companies who have recurring vacancies throughout the year and are looking to constantly fill these.

SUCCESS plan and more
By becoming a premium member you will continue to enjoy all the benefits from the SUCCESS offer, and will gain access to benefits exclusive to PREMIUM members

1 Dedicated HR Consultant
Benefit from a dedicated account manager who simplifies your interaction with agencies and optimizes your recruitment process.

Personalized reporting
Jobtruster enables you to use a reporting tool in order to give you a clear overview of all your currently hired agencies and ongoing recruitment processes.

Unlimited recruitment
The PREMIUM offer allows you to post however many missions you want thereby allowing you to recruit an unlimited amount of candidates, all of which still operates on the success fee principle.

How much is it?
Contact us to receive a plan tailored according to your needs. The PREMIUM plan is based on tiers, so it doesn't matter how many people you are looking to recruit.