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100% Success Fee Principle

Because we're convinced that the "Success Fee" principle is the best way to go, we check that all agencies in our network operate solely on 100% success fees. This means you'll never have to pay a deposit to any agency when working with us.

Jobtruster allows you to:

  • Unrestricted ability to choose which agencies you work with
  • Take advantage of the "Best Practices" in order to succeed

Within your set budget

No matter the budget, Jobtruster is able to competitively act on the market and deliver a pool of pre-selected candidates to the company within 2 weeks.

Jobtruster allows you to:

  • Determine the fees for all agencies involved, at the beginning of each mission.
  • Find the best consultants no matter what your budget it

Warranty Period

When a search firm offers its collaboration , it indicates a warranty period so that if the candidate you recruit is not adequate in this time frame, the search firm is required to introduce replacements without additional fees

Jobtruster allows you to:

  • Ensure the success of your recruitment
  • Recruit with confidence